Psychotherapy Services

I believe therapy is more than just serious conversations. It presents an opportunity to explore personal growth, have fun, and make constructive changes in one’s life. My aim is to offer personalized care and assistance to help you achieve your objectives. I provide individual counseling that aims to support and guide individuals in dealing with various challenges that life throws at them, which usually include:

Mood disorders, Excessive worry, Loss of interest or low motivation in life, Anxiety Disorders, Overthinking, Behavioural and Emotional Problems, Depression, Mental Health, Stress Management.

– Mood disorders

– Excessive worry

– Loss of interest or low motivation in life

– Anxiety Disorders

– Overthinking

– Behavioural and Emotional Problems

– Depression

– Mental Health

– Stress Management
Prabha Acharya, Psychotherapist and Coach.

Identifying these symptoms is a crucial first step toward seeking assistance and discovering practical strategies for dealing with them. My goal is to provide you with the necessary guidance and tools to overcome these challenges and lead a healthier, more satisfying life.

Prabha Acharya, Psychotherapist and Coach.

Unwind. Unlearn. Relearn.

Therapy can be messy. Let us Embrace it. Whether you’re new to therapy or have experience with it, the process can be overwhelming. However, the fact that you’re here is a significant step towards healing your pain and resolving personal struggles. Let’s make your journey a magnificent tale of turning struggles into triumphs.

Ofcourse, there is no “one size fits all” approach to therapy, and I love co-creating the therapeutic experience with you. To ensure the right fit, I engage in an integrative approach during the therapy session. This integrative approach includes 12 therapies: REBT, CBT, SFBT, Positive Psychotherapy, ACT, Art therapy, Experiential Therapy, Graphology, NLP, Transaction Analysis, MCBT and Hypnotherapy.

Let’s connect to embark on a beautiful journey that allows you to rediscover your own version of well-being.

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