Hello people,

I am Prabha Acharya, a psychotherapist and coach.

Just a gentle nudge here and a delicate refinement there, and I can help you enjoy the right mindset fit.

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Prabha Acharya, Psychotherapist and Coach.

Everybody knows there is no such thing as normal. Normal is subjective. it’s a whole spectrum of different shades and hues! It can be messy, and inconsistent for some. For a few others, it can be a silly, hopeful version. After all, we’re all just finding the best ways to feel most at home in our lives.

Well, the journey to finding home needn’t be gruelling. With the right support and mindset, you can pave a relatively easier path. And if you are looking for this support, you are at the right place.

But let me tell you that during the journey, you might feel lost, and overwhelmed. There might even be fits of sadness, anger, annoyance, fear, and anxiety.

But hold on with me. These feelings and emotions only serve an adaptive role for you to act diligently and take actions to maximise your chances of survival and eventually find your right fit. Finding the right fit with me is tailor-made. I am a Psychotherapist in India and a Mental Health coach in Germany. I am also a Social-Emotional learning (Emotional Intelligence) consultant.

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About Me

Prabha Acharya, Psychotherapist and Coach.

Hey there, I am Prabha Acharya. I am a psychotherapist, who engages in an eclectic approach which includes, REBT, CBT, Positive psychotherapy, and SFBT to name a few. I work with clients who seek support to fight against, overthinking, anxiety, stress, lack of motivation, depression, and lack of self-esteem. I am also a mental wellness coach who provides a variety of coaching services that ensure a well-balanced mental well-being. I am also a Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and a Social-emotional Learning Consultant.


I didn’t realise I had so much grief in me until I immersed myself in art. After some talking with the therapist and playing around with paints, I broke down. I understood my anger. I understood myself better. I felt empowered and liberated after back-to-back sessions with Prabha. I would definitely recommend her to anybody who is feeling lost and is looking to get control of their emotions
- Ananya (Counseling session)
Had a consultation with Prabha and I felt like she already knew me. She was so detailed in her analysis. I loved the fact that she also took my opinion on her analysis and I felt heard. She was very kind and polite in delivering even some of the negative personality traits. She also suggested a few changes, and I'm grateful for that
- Jivisha (Graphology consultation)
I didn’t realise there were so many emotions until I attended their session. Now I am more self-aware than before. I am able to label my emotions even during the crisis which helps me stay mindful and deal with them efficiently
- Rida (Emotional intelligence session)
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